Sunday, 15 February 2015

Maths in the playground.

We took our maths learning down to the playground to practise our new language. We have been learning how to describe position - where something is.
Jamie is jumping over the bar in the playground.
We use words like over, under, beside and in front... here is the list we came up with:
Position Words
Where something is or where it is going 
On the cushion, On the mat, In front
Behind, The back of the class, Around
Under, Beside, Between, Middle
On top, In, Through, Out, Off
In the playground we played Simon Says to practise using our position words.
Can you find all the maths words in our poster?

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  1. Wonderful idea to get outside and show your knowledge of positional language High 5. Looking forward to seeing you use this accurately throughout the term.