Friday, 27 March 2015

Hot Cross Buns

Kingston and Toby, and their families, worked really hard to sell loads of hot cross buns. Kingston sold the most in the whole school and Toby was second. Congratulations boys, thanks for all your hard work. We hope you enjoy your thank you (and share it with your families).

Go the Black Caps

On Friday we had a 'black out' to support the the Black Caps. We came dressed in black and bought our cricket gear.

Learning in the Hub

On Thursday's we go the hub to spend some time learning in the library. We take back last weeks books and get new books. Rebecca and Kerri help us to find new books and find books that are just right for us.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Noho Marae

On Thursday of last week we went to visit the Noho Marae in Woodville. Here is a little snipit of what we saw and experienced. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to Kyree's mum, Carter's dad, Luca's mum, Isaac's mum and Charlotte's mum for coming to help us. You were great and we hope you enjoyed sharing our learning about the Marae. I wonder what your favourite part was?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Writing and Reading with Julie

Carter and Kyree have been working really hard on their reading and writing with Julie. Here are some of their amazing stories...

I looked at the cool tricks with the stick by the Fijian people. I got on the stage and I danced with my friends. Some boys were playing the drums behind the trees. The next day I played mini golf with Dad and Jessie and Gareth. I paid my mum’s money and we got a tennis racquet and tennis ball. I won my first game with Mum. 

On Saturday I did Relay for Life and I ran six laps. The next day the track was all muddy because it rained on it. My Dad’s Dad played the drums in the band. I had a hot dog and some hot chips and a soda drink.

On Thursday I am going on a marae trip and my Dad is coming. I am going on a bus with my buddies and I wonder where I will eat?
 By Carter

Penguins can wobble in the ice, and roll.
Tigers have sharp teeth and they eat meat.
The lions eat meat and they fight with tigers.
Giraffes are tall and eat leaves up high.
Rhinos eat grass and they have sharp horns.
Cheetahs can run fast and catch food for their babies.
Zebras have stripey legs and backs.
Pigs like to go in the mud and they live on a farm.

Dad had a cake at bedtime.
Mum dropped lollies on my head and she had to pick them up!
I have a walkie talkie and Lyric has one at home too.
I am going to the zoo in the holidays to see the lions.
By Kyree

Check out their blogs for some more of their writing.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Happy Birthday Charlotte

Happy Birthday, thank you for sharing your birthday with us!

Birthday bubbles

Happy birthday Caleb. You made some great bubbles for us to chase!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

RSS Mihi

We are working to learn our school mini. This well help us to explain where we are from and will help us to understand where other people are from.
Listen to Rosie to help us pronounce the words correctly poutokomanawa blog
To listen press the green triangle on the post.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Celebrating success

What a group of fabulous learners in High 5.
Daniel is practising his handwriting and showing independence!
What a super High5 writer. Wow Heidi you have included some fabulous details into your writing!
Kyree has been practising his word power. He used the words on the wall to help!
Have a read of Isaacs amazing writing. Check out all those sounds he can hear!

Discovery time!

In High5 we love discovery time. We love the chance to explore and play with our friends at school. This is a perfect time to practise what we are learning about whakawhanaungatanga.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Sandpit Volcano

Ryan is doing a lot of reading and learning about volcanoes. Rebecca and Rachelle helped create a wee volcano in the sandpit. Ryan led us out to explore...

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Today was Isaac's birthday. He turned 7, his favourite present is a remote controlled tank. "We can battle" said Isaac's brother Toby. Isaac bought in a delicious cake with a skull and crossbones on it. I think we need to watch out for pirates!

The Magical World of Crazy Science

We had a visit from the crazy science guy today. He was awesome! We learned that scientists ask questions and think about what might happen. Then they do some experiments and have a think about what they have learned. This helps them to find out the answer.
Check out that huge bubble!