Sunday, 3 May 2015

High 5 are learning the Russell Street School Mihi

We use our mihi to introduce ourselves. It helps others to know where we are from and to see if there are any connections. We have been working hard to learn the RSS mihi and have created some art to go with it.

We were inspired by our trip to the Marae last term and the way koru are used as part of a pattern to tell stories. In our art we have used koru to represent our families and have chosen their favourite colours to add another detail to our story. We chose a background for our koru to help share our connections.

Check out our cool video... we have been pracitisng and have worked really hard!


  1. Kerri, this was certainly worth the wait. I'm sorry it took me awhile to have a look because this is fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I like the way you recorded this as a class, and I especially loved the kōru art that went along with it. Ka rawe - Great!

  2. What a wonderful video to share your learning. I love the personal touches and the elements of unity. How similar and different you all are. Tu Meke High5! James