Monday, 31 August 2015


Here is the music for our dance for productions. We will be doing loads of practise in class, some with Joy and some with Dean.

Hope to see you all at the show!

How are you?

We are learning to ask "how are you?" In Te Reo. We are also learning to answer in lots of different ways.
Check out some of our clips...

Writing to describe

In High5 we have been practising writing to describe. That means we are trying to get the reader to see what we see. We are using our words to create a picture. We have been adding details to our writing to help make the picture clear.
Today we are thinking about someone in our family to write about. For our planning we are thinking about how our person looks, how they move and what we might hear from our person.
Kerri has a picture of Rick. We looked very hard at the photo and did lots of talking. Here is the plan we came up with.
After some more talking, this is the start of our story.

Our job is to do this planning and write our own story about a person in our family that is special to us.
Success Criteria
I planned my writing
I added what I could see
I added how my person moves
I added what I might hear from my person
I did some fixing by myself

Zero Waste

Today Shirley came to visit us. We talked about what is rubbish, like glad wrap in our lunch boxes, and what is not rubbish. We can use things like plastic containers and reusable plastic bags instead of glag wrap to keep our sandwiches fresh.

Then we had a look at some toys that Shirley had made by reusing some things that might be rubbish. Check out the photos... we had loads of fun!

Milk powder tins as stilts... what other tins could we use?
Tin can telephones (and they really worked!)
10 pin bowling with old coke and lemonade bottles.
'Hotshots' with a box and a newspaper ball.
Are you going to get it in the box Brodie?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

What is half?

Today in maths we all had to think really hard about what is half and not half. We looked at the pictures and had to put them into groups of 'half' or 'not half'. This is what we decided a half had to be:
  • the same number 
  • the same shape
  • the same size

    it needs to be fair, we need to share equally!
Half or not half?

Writing to describe

In writing we watched a short film about a robot. Our job was to look closely and think really hard. We had to describe the robot. Describe means that we have to explain all about the robot using our words so our reader can imagine what we have seen.
For our plan we looked really hard at a picture and lablelled what we could see.

Success Crtieria
ü  I included what we saw
ü  I included what I could hear
ü  I included movement

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wearable arts...

Check out this awesome link. Here are some kids from Fielding showing their amazing wearable art garments. 
We had a look at the clip and did some noticing... Here is our thinking.
We have found our inspiration and have started our design. We are thinking about the colours we need and the materials we are going to use to create our garments.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Newspaper fashion

Our challenge was to make a some clothes out of the materials we were given. We had to work in teams, plan and then make our ideas.


We had to be careful to make sure our clothes had to last for David and Racelle to come and have a look.
Check out our creations!

After David and Rachelle visited we had a chat about our learning. This is what we came up with...

What is wearable art?

We want to make wearable art for our production this term and our theme is New Zealand at night. We are struggling to decide what is wearable art and what is a costume so we had a look at a whole lot of pictures. We put the wearable arts in the circle on one side and the costumes in the circle on the other side. Ones we weren't sure of or that could be both we put in the middle.

Looking out our circles we think that wearable art is:

Something we make ourselves 
Something that shows what we see and how we see it (a piece of art!)


We are learning to look really closely so we can add details to our writing. We want to be able to describe what we see... We are tying to get the picture in our minds into the minds of our readers. We started by labelling a funny image.
Luca had the cool idea that we could use this technique to help really see our wearable arts inspiration creature so... Next week we are going to have an image of our creature and then look very closely and then label what we can see. Fabulous thinking Luca!!!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Birthday Bubbles

Hope you have had a great day Heidi! And many thanks to Heid's mum for the yummy cupcakes and treats!!

Exploring multiplication

In High 5 we are exploring multiplication. We created our own sky scrapers to help. The buildings have windows in rows, each row had the same number of windows. We then worked out how many windows there are in each buuilding and used our sky scrapers to create number stories.

Daniel and Isaac are adding windows
to their skyscrapers.
"We are building a sky scraper with 3 windows in
each row" said Zoe and Emily

Fantastic teamwork Jamie and Eva!
Awhina's scraper has 2
windows in each row.

Who can build the tallest tower?

The challenge: to build the tallest tower that can stand up all by itself.

In our groups we got 12 sheets of newsaper and a roll of cello tape... and that was all! Working together we had to create our towers.


Our tower is the tallest, but we didn't finish in time.
Our tower was very tall, but then it fell over...
We made a castle with a tall tower... what a team!
Although we had a great time, it was really tricky to work as a team when we all had different ideas.

Next time we think we should spend some time planning before we start building. This will help to make sure we all have the same picture in our heads, that we are working to create the same tower.

Design is an important part of the technology process, what great learning High 5!

Birthday bubbles

Happy birthday to Brodie, Sasha and Atta. What a lot of fun to blow bubbles. Thanks boys for sharing your birthdays with us (and a special thanks for the delicious sparkly cupcakes and cake!!!)

Rangatiratanga - Leadership and Initiative

We are learning about Rangatiratanga (Leadership and Initiave). 

This is what we think Rangatiratanga is...
  • Helping new kids – showing them what to do and where things are
  • Doing something without being asked
  • Heping
  • Solving problems for ourselves… thinking
  • Leading by example… showing by doing
  • It is not being a bossy boots

Rangatiratanga (Leadership and Initiative) - it is all about thinking and makig some choices for ourselves. We need to think for ourselves!!

Term 3

Wow! Term 3 already!!
Welcome to another busy term in High 5.
This term we are going getting ready for our wearable arts. In High 5 we are thinking about 'New Zealand at night'.
We are just starting out thinking about what this is going to mean for us...