Monday, 3 August 2015

Who can build the tallest tower?

The challenge: to build the tallest tower that can stand up all by itself.

In our groups we got 12 sheets of newsaper and a roll of cello tape... and that was all! Working together we had to create our towers.


Our tower is the tallest, but we didn't finish in time.
Our tower was very tall, but then it fell over...
We made a castle with a tall tower... what a team!
Although we had a great time, it was really tricky to work as a team when we all had different ideas.

Next time we think we should spend some time planning before we start building. This will help to make sure we all have the same picture in our heads, that we are working to create the same tower.

Design is an important part of the technology process, what great learning High 5!

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