Saturday, 31 October 2015

Birthday bubbles

What a lot of birthdays we have had to start this term. Hope you have a great day Jamie!

What's inside our bodies?

We are finding out what is inside our bodies and in our food. Harold the giraffe is very funny and Tim is helping us to learn all about what we need to eat to stay healthy. 
Tim and Harold singing to us.
We found out that we breathe in oxygen and it goes into our lungs, we know that our small intestine is about 4-6 m long and it where food is chopped up into tiny bits that our bodies can use.

The pyramid is like the traffic lights. Green for go - we eat lots of fruit, vegetables and cereals.
Orange is for going slow - we eat some of these foods. Red is for stop. These are the treat foods.

We are learning the healthy food haka. Go us and Go the All Blacks!!
We had to decide where to put the food. Is it food from animals, food from the ground or processed food. Tim said we were awesome! We got them nearly all right!!

HIgh 5 Shop

We have been very busy in maths solving all sorts of problems. On Friday we had a class shop and had to work out all the different ways we could spend our $2.80. We had to record our thinking and share it back to the group. We thought maths time was like discovery! We practised counting in 10’s, adding and taking away. We had to think a lot to find as many different ways to spend our money.
High 5 Shop - here is our price list. What can we buy?
We are counting in 10's, adding and subtracting using 10's to work out what we can buy and what change we are going to get. What a team!

Birthday Bubbles

Hope you have had a great day Awhina. Great bubbles!!

What's inside a rainbow?

Our challenge was to create a rainbow. First we chatted about the colours in the rainbow and had a look at some pictures. We had yellow, red and blue paint and had to mix the paint to create all the colours in the rainbow.
We had a think about the what colour we should mix together, we know that blue and yellow make green... we think that yellow and red make orange and blue and red make purple.
It was tricky to make all the colours and we had to do loads of thinking and planning to make our colours. Check out our rainbows.

Friday, 30 October 2015

What's inside green?

In High 5 we are inquiring into ‘What’s inside?’ We are wondering, being curious and thinking creatively.
“I wonder what is in green?” Kerri asked. We carried out a little investigation to find out and then we wrote a recount of our investigation.

Sasha and Heid are looking very closely.
They are scientists making observations!
Green has all sorts of colours inside. There are lots of different greens and they are a mixture of colours.
We can see yellow and blue, some pink and some brown.
On Monday we learned chromatography and we learned about green. First we got a strip of filter paper. Next we put a dot of green on the strip of filter paper and we held the strip with a peg. We got a jar of water and we put the paper in the water. By Jack
On Monday the class did chromatography. Everyone was in groups. We had two glass jars and some special paper. Everyone started with green. The green climbed up the paper. After we finished we got to chose any colour pen we wanted. We chose reddy brown and red. By Eowyn

We found that there is only yellow in yellow.
The dark yellow has some brown in it too.

Birthday Bubbles

Thanks  for sharing your birthday with us Lizzy.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


We have been practising read to self and read to someone. We get started straight away, we read the whole time, we read quietly and we stay in one spot. We use this time to practise our reading.
Daniel and Eva are reading to someone
Kyree and Luca are enjoying reading together.
Jamie and Charlotte reading together.
Sasha and Isaac are enjoying the Lego book together.
What a great place to share your reading Heidi and Emily

Maths - what coins do I have?

On Fridays in maths we work together in groups to solve some very tricky problems. There are lots of ways to solve the problems and there are lots of answers.

Today's problem is about money...
I have $3.60 in my pocket. What coins might I have? How many any other ways are there?

Here we are working and thinking together...
We recorded our ideas and then shared them with the whole class.


Here is our thinking and our some of our learning!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Welcome back!

Welcome back to another busy term. This term we are thinking all about what is inside? We are asking questions and wondering and investigating to try and answer some of our questions. We think we will find even more questions during our investigations!

I wonder what is inside?