Monday, 23 November 2015

Music with Jenny

"I was conducting the whole class. I was pointing to the symbols like red triangle so the rest of the class knew what to do. I loved it" said Sasha. Jenny said you were a great example and now loads of kids want to have a turn!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Writing to persuade

First we had to work out what 'writing to persuade' really meant. After some chatting and thinking we decided it is when you are trying to convince someone to think like you.
Kerri said "we should wear school uniforms!" With our learning partners we had decide what we thought - do we agree or not? Then we had to come up with our reasons...

With our learning partners we had to come up with some ideas of our own. 
We should have a class pet, we should not bring home toys to school, we should not go to the toilet during class time were just a few of our ideas... Now the hard part. In groups we thought up some reasons to agree and disagree 

Now it's time to plan and write our stories...

Birthday Bubbles

Yum! Eshaan shared some special flavoured marshmallows and lollies wit us. We had 1 for now and some to take home. Hope you had a great birthday Eshaan!

Days of the week

We are learning the days of the week in Te Reo. It is quite tricky so we have made a days of the week memory game and we play it during reading time. We have a chart to help us make sure we have made a match.