Wednesday, 29 April 2015


We have been learning all about ANZAC Day and what it means. We have read some stories and have done loads of thinking and talking.
On Monday we learned about Poppies.
On Tuesday we listened to the Last Post.

On Wednesday Mish came to visit us in her uniform. Wow, she looked very fancy. Thank you Caleb for sharing your mum with us.
On Thursday we played spinners (2up). This is a game they played during the war.
On Friday we had our school ANZAC Day celebration. What an awesome day. We got to share our learning and learn a whole lot more. We got to play spinners again and build ANZAC Cove in the sandpit. 
It was cool, and a bit sad, to hear the Last Post in the assembly.

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  1. I can see you have been very focused and learnt a lot about the ANZAC's. I love your poppy art. Well Done High5