Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Whakawhanaungatanga during buddy time

We are learning all about Whakawhanaungatanga and what it means. We created a poster to share our learning.

Then we made posters using pic collage to share what we have learned about our buddies.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kyree's birthday

We had a cool day in High 5 today. It was Kyree's birthday and he turned 6. His family made a delicious cake for us to share. It was a bit funny because the icing was very blue and it turned our teeth and mouth all blue.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Maths in the playground.

We took our maths learning down to the playground to practise our new language. We have been learning how to describe position - where something is.
Jamie is jumping over the bar in the playground.
We use words like over, under, beside and in front... here is the list we came up with:
Position Words
Where something is or where it is going 
On the cushion, On the mat, In front
Behind, The back of the class, Around
Under, Beside, Between, Middle
On top, In, Through, Out, Off
In the playground we played Simon Says to practise using our position words.
Can you find all the maths words in our poster?

Music with Jenny

"Yay! It's music time!!" 
Jenny has come to teach us about music and playing on the beat. First we warm up playing drums on our bodies.
We use all sorts of things as musical instruments like drums, buckets and claves.

We play fast and slow, loud and soft and when Jenny signals we stop!
We love music, Kerri loves to join in.
Listen to us play!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Buddy Class

We had our first buddy class today and we met the big kids from Circus. To pick our buddy we got into our house groups and then we got to pick our buddies. Some of us have 2 big buddies and some big buddies have 2 little buddies. Having a big buddy from the same house will help during house events like athletics.
We spent our time getting to know each other and our big buddy bought a book to share.

Read to Someone

Caleb and Kingston are practising 
read to someone. They are sitting EEKK.

Why do we practise read-to-someone?
Helps us to get better at reading
Build our reading stamina (so we are fit for reading!)
Have fun
The best way to practise fluency (make our reading sound like talking.)
I Chart

Sit EEKK (Elbow to Elbow Knee to Knee)
Work with groups of students.
Get started straight away (Luca)
Listen to children read.
Stay in one space
Help students with reading.
Read the whole time

Concentrating on the book (Atta)

Read one book at a time

Sasha and Kyree are practising read to someone.
Sasha is reading to Kyree.

Shape hunting in the playground!

High 5 are looking for shapes in the playground. We found circles, rectangles and squares.
A square has 4 sides that are the same length.
A rectangle has 2 short sides and 2 long sides. 
A circle is round.
Sometimes we are inside the shapes. Sometimes we are on the shape. Sometimes we are pinting at the shapes.
Can you find the shapes that we found? 
"Shapes are everywhere" said Caleb and Awhina.

Read to self

Why do we practise read-to-self?
Ryan is reading to self
in the class library
  • So we get good at reading (Toby)
  • Build our reading stamina (so we are fit for reading!)
  • Have fun
  • Practice our reading
I Chart

Read quietly (Heidi)
Work with groups of students.
Concentrating on the book (Luca) Looking at the book (Emily)
Listen to children read.
Stay in one space (Caleb)
Help students with reading.
Read the whole time

Get started straight away

In High 5, we love to read to self! We are learning to build our stamina and can now read for 6 minutes! I wonder how long we will be able to read for by the end of the term?

3 ways to read a book.

1. Read and talk about the pictures
  • Pictures can help us read the words
  • We can make up our story using the pictures
  • We can make meaning - make our stories make sense
  • Daniel loves to read the pictures.
    "I have fun" said Daniel.

  2. Read the words
"I am reading the words" said Jack
  •      We read the words so we know what the story says
  •       We can make meaning – make sure our reading makes sense
  •       HAVE FUN

     3. Retell the story

  •      Use what we know about a favourite story.
  •      Make meaning.

  • Heidi is sharing her favourite story with Charlotte. 
    She is retelling her story.
  •       HAVE FUN