Saturday, 31 October 2015

What's inside our bodies?

We are finding out what is inside our bodies and in our food. Harold the giraffe is very funny and Tim is helping us to learn all about what we need to eat to stay healthy. 
Tim and Harold singing to us.
We found out that we breathe in oxygen and it goes into our lungs, we know that our small intestine is about 4-6 m long and it where food is chopped up into tiny bits that our bodies can use.

The pyramid is like the traffic lights. Green for go - we eat lots of fruit, vegetables and cereals.
Orange is for going slow - we eat some of these foods. Red is for stop. These are the treat foods.

We are learning the healthy food haka. Go us and Go the All Blacks!!
We had to decide where to put the food. Is it food from animals, food from the ground or processed food. Tim said we were awesome! We got them nearly all right!!

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