Friday, 30 October 2015

What's inside green?

In High 5 we are inquiring into ‘What’s inside?’ We are wondering, being curious and thinking creatively.
“I wonder what is in green?” Kerri asked. We carried out a little investigation to find out and then we wrote a recount of our investigation.

Sasha and Heid are looking very closely.
They are scientists making observations!
Green has all sorts of colours inside. There are lots of different greens and they are a mixture of colours.
We can see yellow and blue, some pink and some brown.
On Monday we learned chromatography and we learned about green. First we got a strip of filter paper. Next we put a dot of green on the strip of filter paper and we held the strip with a peg. We got a jar of water and we put the paper in the water. By Jack
On Monday the class did chromatography. Everyone was in groups. We had two glass jars and some special paper. Everyone started with green. The green climbed up the paper. After we finished we got to chose any colour pen we wanted. We chose reddy brown and red. By Eowyn

We found that there is only yellow in yellow.
The dark yellow has some brown in it too.

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