Friday, 6 February 2015

3 ways to read a book.

1. Read and talk about the pictures
  • Pictures can help us read the words
  • We can make up our story using the pictures
  • We can make meaning - make our stories make sense
  • Daniel loves to read the pictures.
    "I have fun" said Daniel.

  2. Read the words
"I am reading the words" said Jack
  •      We read the words so we know what the story says
  •       We can make meaning – make sure our reading makes sense
  •       HAVE FUN

     3. Retell the story

  •      Use what we know about a favourite story.
  •      Make meaning.

  • Heidi is sharing her favourite story with Charlotte. 
    She is retelling her story.
  •       HAVE FUN

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