Monday, 31 August 2015

Writing to describe

In High5 we have been practising writing to describe. That means we are trying to get the reader to see what we see. We are using our words to create a picture. We have been adding details to our writing to help make the picture clear.
Today we are thinking about someone in our family to write about. For our planning we are thinking about how our person looks, how they move and what we might hear from our person.
Kerri has a picture of Rick. We looked very hard at the photo and did lots of talking. Here is the plan we came up with.
After some more talking, this is the start of our story.

Our job is to do this planning and write our own story about a person in our family that is special to us.
Success Criteria
I planned my writing
I added what I could see
I added how my person moves
I added what I might hear from my person
I did some fixing by myself

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